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                Vice Chairman of Yichun CPPCC and Secretary of Wanzai County Committee Investigated LinkChem


                On the morning of February 15, 2023, a Yichun delegation, led by Yan Xuhui, Vice Chairman of Yichun CPPCC and Secretary of Wanzai County Committee, visited LinkChem R&D Center, accompanied by Zheng Long, Deputy County Mayor of Wanzai County People's Government, Yang Peng, Party Secretary of Party Committee of Wanzai County Efeng Township, Zhong Ming, Director-General of Wanzai County Emergency Management Bureau, and Liu Jiang, Party Secretary of Wanzai County Department of Commerce.

                Dr. Lu, Chairman of LinkChem, accompanied Secretary Yan and his delegation, and successively visited 7 innovative R&D laboratories and 4 pilot incubation production lines of the New Energy and New Materials division, the Innovative Drug CMC division, and the CDMO division in LinkChem R&D Center. Dr. Lu introduced LinkChem’s products in details, such as small molecule APIs, advanced small molecule intermediates, new materials and specialty monomers, new energy lithium battery electrolyte additives. Secretary Yan learned about LinkChem’s production and operation, industrial scale, quality management system, technical advancement, together with the company’s development history, core products, and manufacturing process. He spoke highly of LinkChem' innovative scientific research capability and technology level.

                After the laboratory visit, Secretary Yan and the accompanying leaders met with Dr. Lu, Chairman of LinkChem, Ms. Lin, Executive Director of Commercial Manufacturing, Dr. Wang, Executive Director of R&D, Mr. Zhao, Senior Director of Administration, and Mr. Bao, Chairman of Jiangxi Fushine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. During the symposium, Dr. Wang briefly introduced to the leaders the company's development history, featured R&D products, intellectual property rights and the basic situation of projects undertaken by LinkChem.

                Secretary Yan listened carefully to the company's main industry framework and future development plan, and expressed his welcome and appreciation for LinkChem's willingness to actively participate in helping local economic development. LinkChem has great advantages in innovative R&D and industrial layout, and hopes to further strengthen exchanges and establish a deep cooperation relationship.

                Secretary Yan fully affirmed the development of LinkChem and the achievements of the project in Wanzai County, and indicated that the Wanzai County Party Affairs Bureau shall attach great importance and support the construction of LinkChem’s project, promoting infrastructure projects with high standards and high quality. All relevant departments should establish a linkage mechanism to jointly ensure a greater breakthrough of the project and contribute to the high-quality development of Yichun City.

                Through the symposium, Yichun city leaders and LinkChem conducted in-depth discussions on the future cooperation between the two parties. Both sides exchanged ideas and expressed a positive willingness to collaborate in the future.