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                Vice Governor of Jiangxi Province and Other Leaders Visited LinkChem Headquarter


                The Jiangxi provincial delegation visited Linkchem R&D Center, led by Xia Wenyong, Vice Governor of Jiangxi Province, on the morning of February 8, 2023. The leaders who accompanied the visit included Xiong Keping, Deputy Secretary-General of the Provincial Government, You Wangying, Party Secretary and Director-General of Provincial Department of Commerce, Chen Deqin, Party Secretary of Party Committee of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Xiao Chenggui, Party Secretary and Director of Provincial Government Office in Shanghai, Zhu Yuanfa, Level I Bureau Rank Official of provincial Department of Commerce, Gao Xiaoyun, Vice Mayor of Jingdezhen Municipal Government, Ni Weichun, Chairman of Management Committee of Jingdezhen High-tech Zone and Changjiang District Secretary.

                Dr. Lu, Chairman of LinkChem, Ms. Kuang, Vice President of Operations, Dr. Wang, Executive Director of R&D, and Mr. Bao, Chairman of Jiangxi Fushine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. gave a warm reception.

                Dr. Lu, Chairman of LinkChem, accompanied Vice Governor Xia and his delegation to visit 7 innovative R&D laboratories and 4 pilot incubation lines in LinkChem R&D Center, including New Energy and New Materials division, Innovative Drug CMC division, CDMO division, etc. She also made a detailed explanation of LinkChem's small molecule APIs, advanced small molecule intermediates, new materials and specialty monomers, new energy lithium battery electrolyte additives and other products. Vice Governor Xia communicated in detail with Dr. Lu about the technical advancement, scientific and technological innovation, the current situation of product promotion as well as the prospect of domestic and international market. He highly affirmed the innovative scientific research capability and technology level of LinkChem, and especially highly praised LinkChem's adherence to the innovation track with "LinkChem international characteristics".

                During the visit, Vice Governor Xia also made a detailed understanding of the progress and schedule of Jiangxi Yatai Technology invested by LinkChem in Yichun Wanzai Industrial Park and the Jiangxi Linkfull project invested in Jingdezhen Changjiang District, and exchanged views with Dr. Lu. Xia said that Jiangxi is a hot spot for investment, we will serve the construction and operation of cooperation projects with first-class business environment to help enterprises grow and develop.

                After the laboratory visit, Vice Governor Xia and his accompanying leaders held a symposium with Dr. Lu, Chairman of LinkChem, Ms. Kuang, Vice President of Operations, Dr. Wang, Executive Director of R&D, and Mr. Bao, Chairman of Jiangxi Fushine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd..

                Ms. Kuang made a report on LinkChem's development and future planning to Vice Governor Xia and his delegation. After understanding the company’s pipeline layout of R&D projects and commercialization of innovative technologies, Vice Governor Xia gave full recognition to LinkChem’s efforts to promote the industrialization and internationalization of China's independent innovative technologies. Xia said that the rapid development of innovative technology-based enterprises cannot be achieved without the commercial production and operation support, and that more efforts should be made to promote deeper, wider, more convenient and faster long-term rooted cooperation for enterprises to invest and develop in Jiangxi. Vice Governor Xia and Dr. Lu both expressed their willingness that they could carry out in-depth cooperation in "industrialization" and "technology" to achieve win-win development in the future.