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                China Pharmaceutical CMC Industry Chain Technology Exchange and Entrepreneurs and Scientists Summit Forum Exhibition Highlights


                LinkChem attended the " China Pharmaceutical CMC Industry Chain Technology Exchange and Entrepreneurs and Scientists Summit Forum" held in DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Hangzhou East on September 15 and September 16, 2022, discussed and exchanged ideas with participants on the new situation of China's pharmaceutical CMC industry chain, aimed at helping more R&D companies to carry out practical technology transformation and shorten the time to market.



                The Huaxuejia 2022 (Hangzhou) Summit Forum was mainly for innovative drug R&D companies (including small molecules and biologics/ADCs/dual antibody companies), and pharmaceutical professionals in CXO companies, laboratory constructions/safety operations as well as green chemical synthesis. This forum focused on high-level forward-looking technology research and investigation, front-line operation and management experience sharing, pharmacy/clinical/formulation-CRO/CMO/CDMO service cooperation, and some high-quality projects of industry-university-research financial resources roadshows. The event brought together many authoritative experts to discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by the industry with entrepreneurs, and to point out the direction for the future development of the industry.



                LinkChem is specialized in chemical small molecule drug discovery and development, providing a complete set of CRO and CDMO outsourcing solutions to pharmaceutical enterprises worldwide. The sales and marketing team attended the exhibition and had an in-depth communication with many industry partners. The team introduced the company’s services from different demand levels, including small molecule building block platform, R&D platform, production platform, continuous flow platform, etc. LinkChem always adheres to customer orientation, delivers high-quality products and customer services, provides professional chemical custom research, development and manufacturing services for pharmaceutical companies and research institutions, and creates greater social value for the industry. LinkChem will continue to take the research, development and industrialization as the company's overall and long-term development strategy, aimed at actively contributing to the cause of life, health, and green energy innovation.