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                The CIS-Asia 2022 13th?Annual?ChemPharma International?Summit-Asia Came To A Successful Conclusion In Suzhou



                The 13th Annual ChemPharma International Summit-Asia, hosted by Best Media and the Pharmaceutical Engineering Committee of China Pharmaceutical Association,    came to a successful conclusion. LinkChem participated with its pharmaceutical CRO and CDMO service outsourcing business, attracting many partners to visit.



                The CIS-Asia 2022 was held through three main forums and 12 sub forums with over 150 renowned experts from all over the world to share the latest technology and experience in generic and innovative drugs from various perspectives of strategy, technology, market, regulations and clinic.


                This summit brought together thousands of industry colleagues and 100 sponsors, including LinkChem, to discuss the development trend and technical details, and jointly assist domestic pharmaceutical companies in research and development.



                At the exhibition, LinkChem provided a complete set of chemical custom research,  development and manufacturing services for pharmaceutical enterprises, which attracted many visitors to stop by and consult. With its scientific, rigorous, innovative and cooperative service attitude, LinkChem won the unanimous praise and support of the participants.


                LinkChem would continue to take the new product development and industrialization as the overall and long-term development business, with the spirit of constantly contributing to the cause of life and health and green energy innovation.