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                Global Integrated Pharmaceutical CDMO Platform
                One-stop platform to accelerate success in the life sciences industry

                Link Global product base by LinkChem Core R&D and industrial Strength

                A reliable CDMO partner for global pharmaceutical industry

                About us

                Founded in 2011, LinkChem is a fast-growing research, development and manufacturing organization. The headquarters and R&D center are located in Shanghai International Medical Zone. Our services rang from early discovery, preclinical and clinical development, and commercial production. We are committed to provide one-stop CMC service for big pharma, biotech companies and research organizations worldwide. As an innovation-driven and customer-focused company, LinkChem has two well-established research centers and three wholly-owned plants to fulfill R&D and manufacturing requirements. We are dedicated to build world’s leading pharma solutions platform and to be reliable CDMO partner in the global healthcare industry.



                • 2022-06-20
                  Exhibition|CPhI China 2022(21-23 June, 2022) Invitation
                • 2022-03-03
                  Forum| The 3rd Shanghai New Drug Conference (03-04, March, 2022)
                • 2022-01-12


                Join us

                We always adhere to the people-oriented concept, respect talents and pay more attention to talents. We provide every employees with a learning and communication platform, provide greater space for development and give the most care. Join LinkChem, show your talent and expand infinite possibilities.

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