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                LinkChem Co., Ltd. founded in 2011, is a high-tech enterprise which provides professional CDMO services for pharmaceutical companies and research Institutions worldwide. Headquarter and R&D center are in Shanghai International Medical Zone.

                LinkChem is committed to provider research and development services for small molecule drug and industrial production in the field of small molecule drug discovery. LinkChem has excellent research and development ability, perfect industrialization base and international quality management system, and is committed to be a reliable partner of choice for global pharmaceutical industry.

                Adhering to the spirit of continuous contribution to life and health and green energy innovation, LinkChem will continue to take the research, development and industrialization as an overall long-term development of the cause!

                Subsidiary companies

                Jiangxi Yatai Technology Co., Ltd.

                Jiangxi Yatai Technology Co., Ltd. (Area: 59000m2) was wholly acquired by LinkChem Co., Ltd. in the second half of 2018. Jiangxi plant is specialized in manufacturing SMs and advance intermediates. At present, the first and second phase transformation of Jiangxi plant has been completed. The factory adopts the international advanced EHS management system and has complete R&D, pilot and commercial production capacity. Jiangxi plant has passed the audit of well-known pharmaceutical companies such as AMGEN,SANOFI and other global well-known pharmaceutical companies in 2020. In the first half of 2021, 7,000-square-meter R&D center has complete and fully put into use. The R&D center integrates R&D, pilot test, analysis and administrative office, and is equipped with a high-end flow technology dedicated laboratory. The R&D center can accommodate 60-80 novel pharmaceutical build blocks and intermediates.

                LinkChem( Shandong) Co., Ltd.

                LinkChem( Shandong) Co., Ltd.(Area: 166000m2) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LinkChem Co., Ltd . LinkChem focuses on innovation and is good at promoting R&D to commercialization and in-depth application. Based on this, In 2016, LinkChem wholly acquired 166000m2 of land in Shandong Binhai Economic Development Zone, a national park, is building 14 API and key intermediates independent production bases in line with FDA,EMA,NMPA and other international certifications. In the future, Shandong plant is positioned to provide API and related intermediates services for well-known innovative pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad, including clinical and commercial stages.

                Linkfull Laboratories Co.,Ltd.

                Linkfull Laboratories Co.,Ltd. is holding subsidiary of LinkChem Co., Ltd..Linkfull is the newly established joint venture between LinkChem Co.,Ltd. and Jiangxi Fushine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. LinkChem has rich experience in research and development and customer resources, while Fushine has strict GMP system and EHS system. Linkfull is making full use of advantage of LinkChem and Linkfull to make further expansion of CDMO service. By virtue of Shanghai's geographical advantages, information advantages and talent advantages, the joint venture company will actively expand R&D personnel, build professional talent team, improve the enterprise's R&D and innovation service capacity, steadily promote the integrated comprehensive service capacity of innovative drugs from pre-clinical research to commercial production, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the enterprise.

                Chemenu platform


                Chemenu, established in 2009, is a brand of LinkChem Co., Ltd.. Chemenu is a global platform for manufacturing and supplying novel building blocks and chemical reagents in pharmaceutical field. With the independent research and development capability, Chemenu is dedicated to build a novel, diversified, high-quality chemical platform to accelerate the drug discovery and support scientific research. For researchers and chemists, Chemenu provide search target compounds through various way such as keyword/chemical structure/list search to achieve rapid ordering, on time communication, rapid response to accelerate the research process.

                The Journey

                Honored as Pudong “New Area Research and Development Organization” enterprise.
                LinkFull Co., Ltd was established. Linkfull is the joint venture between LinkChem and JIanxi Fushine pharma.
                Wholly acquired Fujian Whole Pharma with 56000 in Fujian.
                Won Pudong New Area strategic emerging industries enterprise award.
                Honored as““Specialized, Fined, Peculiar” enterprise.
                Honored as High-Tech enterprise
                Wholly acquired a plant with 59067 m2 in Jiangxi to manufacture RSMs and intermediates.
                Wholly acquired 166000m2 of new land in Shandong Province to build production advance intermediates and API base with global standard.
                LinkChem was established in Shanghai.
                Chemenu was established.
                The start-up team of LinkChem was established.



                LinkChem takes every research seriously based on fact and strict scientific attitude.


                Innovation is the soul of Linkchem. We keep on providing our clients with high quality, low cost products.


                LinkChem maintains the rigorous work attitude to make sure the success of very project from development to commercialization.


                Cooperation makes greatness. LinkChem is devoted to develop close strategic partnership with each customer and supplier

                Awards& Certifications

                Social responsibility

                LinkChem believes that actively fulfilling social responsibilities is not only our obligation to promote social development, but also our commitment to sustainable development. LinkChem firmly believes that social responsibility and corporate citizenship are beneficial to the sustainable development of the company. Therefore, since the establishment of the company LinkChem has been fulfilling social responsibility into the long-term strategy of enterprise development and has been adhering to think of the source of getting rich and of making progress after becoming affluence. LinkChem is not only committed to charity, but also actively organized the company's employees to serve the community and carry out voluntary services. For this reason, LinkChem - Blue Angel public welfare platform was established to provide employees with opportunities to participate in public welfare activities, and encourage employees to bring their families and friends to participate in social responsibilities and give play to the spirit of selfless dedication!